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CuordiNatura offers on request:


1- 3 or 5 days With Silvia Matti (certified teacher of Bhakti Yoga, Restore and pregnancy Yoga and is also a Shiatsu therapist. Senia Passarella (Certified Rishikesh Teacher, Sattva Yoga Academy and RYT100 Balyayoga for Children. She is also a Himalayan meditation teacher and founder of Fibroyoga)

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From 1 to 7 days Slow tours led by Alessandro licensed school guide S.I.E.B. e-bike incl.  
Possible routes:

Colli san miniatesi, Via francigena sud/gambassi terme,Via francigena nord/ padule di fuchecchio, Le terre di Leonardo da Vinci, La magia di Castelfalfi, San Gimignano/Castelvecchio, Teatro del silenzio etc.


Trattamenti Shiatsu
Shiatsu is a traditional form of therapy from Japan. By balancing the flow of energy in the meridians, Shiatsu can relieve many conditions, help prevent the build-up of stress, and restore vitality and well-being. Literally translated as ‘finger pressure’, Shiatsu uses comfortable pressure from the thumbs and palms applied to the energy channels and points in the body. Given through loose, comfortable clothing, Shiatsu may also include gentle stretches and rotations of the limbs and joints.

Shiatsu relieves:

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Backache

  • Neck and shoulder tension

  • Digestive problems

  • Menstrual problems

  • Joint pain

  • Reduced mobility

  • Fatigue and insomnia

Massaggi professionali
Physioterapie: Low back pain and neck pain
Relaxing massage


CuordiNatura will help you organize your parties by welcoming you in our structure.


-Hen/stag party

-private parties



-other theme parties

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